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It is important that you read the "How does it work" section before advertising an internship.

If you are already a registered organisation with Jobs Ireland you can use your username and password to log in. Please ensure that your company profile includes the number of full time employees (employed for 30 hours or more per week) and your Employers Registration Number (ERN). This can be checked via the Managing your Company Profile option.

Advertising Internship Posts

1. Host Organisations are not permitted to direct interested applicants to apply to recruitment agencies or any other third parties on their behalf.

2. Recruitment agencies are not permitted to advertise internship positions on behalf of any other organisation.

If any organisation is found to have contravened either of the above regulations, they will immediately be deemed ineligible to participate in this Scheme.

There are currently 2019 internships available
6740 currently on an Internship

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